Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My Anzac model

                     My  Anzac day model

                                       For my Anzac model I chose to create no man's land .
     You can see in my model that I have used chicken fencing as the barbed wire , dirt for the dirt ,  and the trenches with  the men in them trying to shoot the Germans . I got the idea from  a classmate and thought it was a good idea  . I like to create things so I got stuck in . First I started to look for a good sized box It took a while . I kept changing my box because it wasn't the right size. I first put in a rubbish bin bag and started the dirty work dirt and moss. After that I twirled chicken fence and put on the dirt ,then started building trenches , I couldn't find any army men so we went and brought some not ten or twenty 196 army men
 [thats  alot]. Finally  finished time for sharing to the class.

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