Monday, 11 May 2015

Writing to the Unknown soldier

As part of our ANZAC inquiry we wrote to the Unknown soldier . In my letter we used complex sentences, short sharp sentences . We had to show different techniques` .

                                  This below is my letter to the unknown soldier

To the unknown soldier
Remembrance Poppy: image use

I want you to know that we, Havelock North Community, remembered
you last week on the  25th of April Saturday. I feel warm ,
cozy and  safe far away from the fighting .
When I think of war I think of the people
especially the young boys that died and fighted for our country.
They thought it was going to be an adventure but they thought wrong.

How did you feel when you put on your green uniform for the first time?  Did you feel proud? In class lately  we have been seeing what the uniforms look like . I want you to know that you are not forgotten.  Your bravery has let us live a happy, free life .
I’m sitting in my classroom with my friends chatting happily and knowing that there is no war (except isis. We are safe.  I know that you were sitting in the trenches and feeling the blood dripping down your body with the frightening sound of the machine guns firing at you, your fellow fighters and friends.

If you weren’t in the army,  you would probably be at home working on the farm looking after  the animals. How did you feel when you got given a gun and told to start killing, frustrated . Were you a volunteer or were you told to go to war? What did you feel inside you when you left your home for the last time? I cannot imagine what it felt like. Were you sad? Did you cry? I know I would

Although you may  have not returned,  you have not been forgotten. As we look down to you , we do not feel afraid,or scared . I feel  privileged   to be living in this  country
New Zealand. I’m only 11 but already I know so much about history , and the War.

When the war ended was it weird to finally not hear the machine guns firing at your trenches  and the bombs getting throwed in the middle of no man’s land?
This is not a letter it is a story of appreciation.

Your sincerely  
Tim slabbekoorn

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